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What is the Difference Between Traditional Hypnosis
and Advanced Neuro-Noetic Hypnosis?


Traditional hypnosis is designed to bypass the critical faculty of the conscious mind in order to allow suggestive thinking to occur. Hypnosis is a very ancient phenomenon that predates even the roots of modern medicine. We have extensively studied leading figures in its history, such as Mesmer, Charcot, Bernheim, Esdaile, McGill, Elman, and Erickson. Additionally, Dr. Brunson has studied with most of the major figures and authorities in the realm of both traditional hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. And after these studies and the review of over 10,000 contemporary, published research studies conducted by respected institutions, we came to the conclusion that the modern practice of traditional hypnosis is still considered to be a most puzzling mystery. Indeed, the recognition of the phenomenal affect of hypnosis in cases - such as accelerated wound healing - coexists with the generally accepted mantra that results are usually devoid of explanation. Furthermore, what we have seen is that hypnosis, even often mediocre or poorly done hypnosis by either marginally trained or a certified operator or as a self-hypnosis protocol, almost always results in a favorable outcome. What is apparent is that traditional hypnosis is one of the most effective, but misunderstood, mind/body interventions. (Of course, we fully believe that hypnotherapy by a fully trained hypnotherapist, and certification by a legitimate national or internationally recognized organization, will enhance the level of results obtained.)

Traditional hypnosis - especially when performed by a qualified hypnotherapist or hypnosis practitioner - is safe and effective. However, the level of results will increase should the operator have a better understanding of neurodynamics, quantum theory, and energy-based modalities. Our major issue with traditional hypnosis is in its prevailing view that the human brain is a rather monolithic entity that is normally operating within a very discrete frequency. The overall "desire" is to move the subject into an altered state such as alpha or alpha-theta in a way to improve suggestibility, or to affect somatic changes, such pain relief, anesthesia, or organic changes. (Somatic changes are normally the realm of medical hypnotherapy specialists.) The general belief is that the mind and/or body are either relaxed or not relaxed. Generally, where traditional hypnosis loses some of its potential effectiveness is in this rather simplistic assumption that the mind is in one prevailing frequency, and that the mind and/or the body are in a discrete level of relaxation.

In comparison, ANNH is a much more complex form in than we see in the mind/brain, the body, and the integral nature of human existence as affected by organization, patterns and concentrations of energy. Indeed, even the brain with its multitude of substrates will simultaneously (even when the subject is in an altered state) experience all frequencies, including delta (sleep), beta (full awareness), alpha (light relaxation) and, even the too often ignored by hypnotherapists, gamma (hyper-state). Likewise, the body not only includes normal sympathetic and parasympathetic arousal states, but every organ, and indeed every cell, operates at various levels of energy, inhibition, idle, or excitation.

So, even though traditional hypnosis gets substantial results when administered by the self or a competent, trained operator, it is still a rather simplistic practice that has an extremely limited view of the complexities of the human mind and body. Advanced Neuro-Noetic HypnosisTM is a much more complex and intense form of hypnosis which specifically addresses the use of the voice, music and psycho-acoustics to move and rebalance energy concentrations to change dysfunctional patterns and promote positive change. While to some it may appear to be similar or even substantially similar, to traditional hypnosis, we assure you that it is not. Clinicians who truly understand neurodynamics, physiology, quantum physics, and energy modalities - with substantial analysis - will begin to notice the subtle differences which are, in fact, very profound. On the other hand, the lay person who has benefited from the older forms of authoritarian or permissive traditional hypnosis will notice an unexplainable difference, and have a highly pleasurable experience. Nevertheless, we recognize that ANNH sessions, to include MP3's and CD's, even though designed to be safe and easy to use, present a heightened concern due to the potential neurological effect on the listener/subject. Therefore, unlike traditional hypnosis MP3's and CD's, which warn to avoid use when driving or operating machinery, our products include an additional warning. ANNH designed products also have the additional admonition that they are not to be used by anyone undergoing psychiatric treatment, those prone to seizures, children under the age of 18, or by pregnant women. ANNH designed sessions are designed to be more a more effective, "RX" hypnosis.


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